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Natural Hair Guide For Beginners

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Boy oh boy !! you finally decided to make that choice and become a natural gyal huh? Let me guess, you are here because you finally chopped those damaged ends off and don't know where to begin? Or is it because you put your hair through tremendous trauma and came to the realization that you want your curls back? Or it because you never took the "natural hair life" serious and is tired of dealing with dry, brittle hair? Regardless of the reasoning I'm just happy I'm able to help. Let's get started shall we?

After years and years of heat, color dye, rough manipulation, I've finally learned when it comes to natural hair (no matter what texture) you HAVE to treat your hair like baby. Literally. Unlike a baby, your hair won't cry but your hair will tell you if you have been mistreating it. I know there are some out there reading this like "what is she talking about? your hair will tell you something? She's bugging" But hear me out. Believe it or not but your hair carries energy. You ever wonder why when your hair gets messed up or doesn't come out right your whole mood changes? Or when you been dealing with damaged ends and finally did the big chop and feel like a whole new person? Your inner energy and outer energy reflects on one another. Instead of a love language I like to call it hair language. Just like a baby, if you don't feed your hair the right things, or wash your hair when you're supposed to, or don't have a proper regimen instead of dealing with a crying, irritated, dirty baby you stuggle with dry, brittle, unhealthy hair.


I had to put this tip not only first, but IN CAPS because deep conditioning is so essential for your hair's health. When you inquire deep conditioning into your regimen you will see a major difference in your hair instantly. Deep conditioning does so many wonderful things for your hair the list can go on and on. Deep conditioning improves hydration levels which helps moisture last in your hair throughout the week. The more hydrated your hair is, the less it is prone to breakage. Hydrated hair becomes more manageable, supple and resilient which improves your hair's health, length retention, and curl definition.

TIP #2 : Pay Attention To The Ingredients You Put In Your Hair.

Having natural hair or transitioning to natural hair can be frustrating and costly at times. Some natural hair brands out there aren't so natural as they claim to be. Did you ever read the ingredient list of those products sometimes and think to yourself "What is this? How do you even pronounce this? Well it says it's supposed to help with natural hair So, I'm going to go ahead and get it" Not knowing that approximately 30% or less of those ingredients are actually natural and the rest are just harsh chemicals that seem effective to your hair but actually doesn't help the health of your hair. Here are some bad ingredients to look out for when it's time to restock.

1. Isoproyl Alcohol

2. Dimethicone

3. Sodium Laureth Sulfate/ Sodium Lauryle Sulfate

4. Mineral Oil & Petrolatum

5. Propylene Glycol (PG)

6. Triethanolamine (TEA)

7. Synthetic colors & Fragrances

DID YOU KNOW ? your scalp absorbs 60% of whatever product you put in your hair in only 26 SECONDS? That is why this tip is second most important tip on this guide because you have to be aware of the chemicals you not only put into your hair but into your bloodstream. If these harsh chemicals are damaging to your hair imagine what it'll will do to your body later on in the future. I highly recommend CurlyGurlNaturalz products because there products are formulated with hand-pick organic ingredients that will nourish and feed your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs to improve the health your hair without being damaging to your body.

Tip #3 : Limit Shampoo Use & Transition To Co-Washing

As many of you know shampoo strips your hairs natural oils & moisture causing your to be dry and tangled. Including sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoo isn't as harsh as shampoo with sulfate in it but it's still a shampoo and depending on your shampoo usage sulfate-free shampoo still might not be in your favor. Co-Washing, is basically replacing shampoo with a cleansing conditioner. Don't be nervous Co-Washing still cleans your scalp and adds moisture to your hair shaft instead of stripping your hairs moisture like shampoo. So, instead of shampooing your hair once every week or two try co-washing instead and shampooing once a month. Here are a few co-wash's I recommend:

Tip #4: Invest In Satin. Scarf, Bonnet Or Pillowcase

Protecting your hair at night with any satin made material prevents breakage, protects your edges from thinning & allows your hair to retain it's moisture. Sleeping with a cotton pillowcase at night soaks up the moisture in your hair and causes friction which leads your hair to be dry and frizzy.

Tip #5 : Listen To Your Hair

Everyone's hair is different. Just because you and someone else have similar textures does not mean what products and regimen works for them will work for you. Especially those who are new to the #naturalhaircommunity struggle with finding things that work for them so they mimic another one's entire regimen and that's were things go wrong. YOUR natural hair has a mind of it's own and has it's own personally likes and dislikes just like me and you. I'm not saying this for you to feel discouraged or feel as if someone with your hair texture is telling you a lie. Understand that you and your hair is ONE. YOU are the ONLY person who can find out what will work for your hair and what don't. Have patience. Take your time, take everything you learn with a grain of salt, and do one product at a time so you can know how your hair reacts to certain products. Your hair will tell you everything you need to know, down to what ingredients your hair likes, products it don't like, and how it wants to be treated. It's up to YOU to take that initiative to find the ROOT of your "hair's problem", ADDRESS it, and FIX it.

Natural hair of all curls, coils and kinks is natural beauty of it's own and it's up to you to own that beauty you are gifted with and treat it as if it was your favorite pair of shoes. (Lol I know I'm killing you guys with these metaphors). Now with all that being said I hope I was able to give those who are reading this helpful information that will improve the health of your hair and regimen. Thanks for reading and if you have a chance check out my hair care products !

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