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The Secret To Moisturized Hair ft LOC/LCO Method

A common problem many naturals struggle with is dry hair. It's in natural hair's nature to be dry, that's why it's important to make sure you keep your curls, coils &kinks moisturized. When your hair lacks moisture your hair becomes dry, brittle and frizzy which promotes breakage and spilt ends. This results in uneven textures, frequent shedding, weak elascitiy and the list goes on and because dry hair creates a lot of issues it feels like no matter what you do your hair still feels dry.

In my experience of transitioning back to natural time and time again I realized it's not just the ingredients you have to watch out for. You have to pay attention to the order you use to apply your products. When I first went natural and started to get my curls back my curls were still dry and frizzy no matter what I did. I started to go on youtube and do my research and I came across the LOC/LCO method and it changed my life.

What Is The LOC/Method?

The LOC method is a three-step process that's abbreviated for Liquid Oil and Cream. This method is made to promote maximum moisture retention by using a double sealing technique to prevent moisture evaporation. First you start off with

Liquid in this paticular case is water. Water is natural hair's best friend. When it come to moisturizing water is the #1 source and only true form of moisture for natural hair. Water penetrates the hair shaft and softens and hydrates your hair. You can also use water-based leave in conditioners for this step.

Then you apply

Oil will penetrate into your hair and locks in the moisture from your liquid or leave in. Oil helps slow down evaporation (moisture) from your hair which leaves your hair with long lasting moisture.

Finish off with

Cream further locks already stained moisture from the oil. Cream seal your hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss and provide maximum hydration. When doing this step make sure you use a cream that's meant to moisturize.

The purpose of this method to to seal the layer before it. Depending on your hair's density and porosity there is other way to do this method. Such as the LCO which is Liquid, Cream, Oil, or the LOCO which is Liquid, Oil, Cream, Oil. The positive this about this method is there's isn't set rules on to do this method. You can switch it around and find which way is best for you and your hair.

What Are The Benefits Of The LOC Method?

The LOC Method is about teaching naturals a technique to achieve long-lasting moisture retention. Moisturized hair leads less breakage leaves your hair more supple for manipulation which decreases shedding. When you apply your products using the LOC method allows your hair to remain moisturized for longer periods of time without having to refresh your style. The LOC method provides maximum hydration which recedes damage, helps with growth retention and improve the overall feel and look of your hair.

In conclusion there is many different natural hair regimen and techniques to keep your hair moisturized. The LOC method is just one of the many methods used to maintain healthy hair and keep hair moisturized. Figure out what works best from your hair and work from there.

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